Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2018


Leeds RAG Fashion Show is the most anticipated event on the Raising and Giving Society calendar. To commemorate its 10th year, the studio was invited to produce a new identity and direct the design material in a way that embraces the show’s anniversary and the decennary theme. 

The identity is formed of two logomarks — a primary mark that represents LRFS, and a secondary mark that symbolises the 10th anniversary. A tertiary mark was designed for the launch of the show's title: TIME·LESS. Numerically, the LRFS logomark is designed to be adaptable and its form derives from the infinity symbol, which mirrors the show’s perpetual concept.

Deliverables include: banners, business cards, calendar, Geofilter, lanyard, leaflets, moving graphics, posters, programme and ticket designs.

Photography by Lucy R Jones
Show directed by Nicholas F Egunjobi and Jonathan Canizales

Calendar credits:
Photography and art direction by Lucy R Jones
Styling by Jen S Lea
MUA and hair by Gee Bedford
Models: Zara Shasore, Alex Alter, Dom Cartledge, Mini Iwahashi and Mark Harrison