Leeds Pub Piano Competition


Returning to Leeds after nearly 30 years, the Leeds Pub Piano Competition brings together three simple ingredients: Pints, a Piano and a Pub. 

Described as the rebellious little sibling to the city’s world renowned International Piano Competition, the studio were invited to produce an identity which embodies the event’s high-spirited and playful repute.

The dynamic wordmark utilises the typeface Exposit (TIGHTYPE) whose vertically changing characters develop and respond to the music of a Yorkshire folksong. The wordmark alludes to both the form of a grand piano and the movement of strings inside a piano, in its static and dynamic forms, respectively. Ginto (DINAMO) is used as an accompanying typeface in all body copy.

Deliverables include: animated wordmark, beer mat, digital adverts, flyers, social media and website.

Photography by Justin Slee
Event photography by Joanna Richie