Fred Aldous


Established in Manchester over 130 years ago, Fred Aldous continues to do what Fred started: supply materials to people who make things. Beginning with just three products, the store now sells more than 25,000 arts and crafts supplies to customers all over the world.

The studio worked closely with the fifth generation family-owned business, tasked with refreshing the visual identity, including typographic style, colour palette and brand experience. We delved into the store’s three-century spanning archive for graphic prompts, discovering catalogues, drawings, photographs and more.

Inspired by a vintage sign still present in the Manchester store, a newly designed seal logomark now accompanies Fred’s iconic signature, offering a dynamic alternative for digital, print and spacial contexts.

Bold lead colours of orange and red reflect the store’s lively environment, alongside a heritage inspired dark grey and gold used only for special occasions. Each of the five shop categories also has a distinctive palette, comprising of light, medium and dark tones. Every colour is paired with both papers by G . F Smith and Montana spray paints, which are sold in-store.

Photography by Justin Slee